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Some Serious Juju Perfumed Candle 0,5kg
Pilgrimage to the Pafuri Triangle – 40.6117 N, 14.5335 E, South Africa

The Experience:

Inspired by adventures to small sand filled villages at the hand of ancient wise women, the story of this scent's creation unfolds.
You walk through the wooden beaded curtain into a small flickering low-lit room at the back. Red velvet hangs on the walls covering never existing windows, once cream coloured wallpaper with faint licks of gold adorned with trinkets, Talismans, did a snake just slide between those books? You sit, handed a cup of herbal tea, the scent of dark green rises in the steam, light aromatics of unfamiliar citrus skin, rich deep tones of earthy, woody, sweet scents fill your nose. Her hand shakes, side to side, rattling their contents. Bones are thrown, your head starts to spin, the sounds of Mulatu Astatke lull you further into the warm glow of the candles, you're being transported to another reality.

Scent notes:
Notes of Madagascan Basil, Lemon Bush Fynbos & Eucalyptus Globulus.

0,5kg Perfumed Candle:
Our Perfumed candles are individually hand crafted porcelain vessels by our ceramic Master Artisans. Naturally perfumed 0,5kg candles are created to transport you deep into the Sahara desert with us, where sand surrounds go further than the eye can see, and ancient rituals whisper charms around you, in the pleasure of your home. Meticulously hand poured to ensure perfect burn and scent throw, the scent is luxurious and humble, created to add nuance and finesse to any space. Average burn time: +-100 hours