DARK RUM VOTIVE 2.35oz. / 67g

DARK RUM VOTIVE 2.35oz. / 67g

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Our dark rum candle is now available in a convenient travel votize size. Synthesized for a seductive, warm and exotic well-being aroma of traditional bay rum. Suitable for any environment or occasion, dark rum candle instantly creates a modern and inviting ambience. Its rich scent has top notes of bergamot and plum, middle notes of rum and leather, and base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla.

2.35oz. / 67g

Dark Rum votive features our earth-friendly blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes. This blend offers a cleaner and better burn.

*Use: Trim Wick To ¼” Prior To Each Lighting. Place On Safe Non-Flammable Surface. Container Will Get Hot. Keep Away From Drafts And Walls. Burn No More Than 2-3 Hours At A Time. Discontinue Use When ½” Of Wax Remains.

Caution: Never Leave Unattended. Burn Within Sight. Keep Away From Flammable Items.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets.

Material: Top notes of bergamot and plum; middle notes of rum and leather; base notes of amber-patchouli, and vanilla.